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Seattle, WA

Did you hear that Santa got under the weather by going down an unkempt chimney? Yeah, it looks like he caught the flu. Contrary to rumors, claustrophobia is St Nick’s only holiday hurdle.

Unless you have an ax to grind with the puffy yuletide-focused philanthropist, you have to keep the soot and moot off your smoke hatch. Not just to get more gifts during Xmas, but chiefly to keep your living space warm, clean, and healthy to dwell in.

Quality and well-maintained chimneys add value to your property in the long run. If you intend to sell your parchment of real estate in the future, a well-built and adequately nurtured chimney is one way to get the best cash value when the D-day comes.

If you don’t want the whole place looking like a retro bakery or coal plant, professional chimney services are needed.

What Do We Do?

We value our clients more than anything, so we understand the need to offer full-stack chimney services. That way, you get the complete package, and never have to look elsewhere for professionalism. But, what are these services, exactly? It’s broken down into 4 categories:

Chimney Sweep

If you’ve ever thought airplane-level clouds look like a scrupulously swept street, then you have an idea about how we think the hole up in the house should look and be. Being pious about the state of your smokestack and personal health is applaudable, but cleaning your chimney isn’t the kind of task you can handle yourself. Besides being a dirty job, sweeping—and/or cleaning—that vertical hollow can be risky. Case in point, creosote, a plant-derived carbonaceous chemical is quick with the flame and carcinogenic. EvereGreen Chimney Sweep & Repair mindfully apply safety precautions to prevent mishaps and damages during the sweep. We leave you nothing other than a squeaky clean chimney.

Chimney Inspection

In some cases, the ordinary eye can’t quite tell whether or not your chimney is clean as a whistle. It may look like a single, thin layer of smoke and ash is the only thing up in that vent, but a professional chimney services provider will be able to see beyond those seemingly mild coverings. You’d be amazed that when unnoticed, smoke can become a combustion-themed wallpaper for your chimney. Having a professional check out your fireplace examined and diagnosed by an expert helps you sidestep unforeseen risks and save money on potentially wallet-ripping repairs.

Chimney Repair

If no one has looked under the hood or gone up that hatch since the Boeing boom, there is every chance there’s a brief retirement request emulsioned on the walls. However, in some cases, a chimney can be restored to peak capacity. Although, sometimes it’s more economic to opt for a complete replacement or remodeled upgrade. It all depends on what we find up in that oxide-dominated shaft. Having turned around fortunes for many of these vents over the years, our technicians are competent when it comes to giving your chimney a new lease of life. By paying attention to details, our technicians will assess the condition of the vent and write you a comprehensive estimate. Don’t worry; quotes are on the house.

Chimney Construction

Are you building a new home? Chimneys are passages for hot air, but they also expel heated gases from your living space. Homes without one initially are now adding chimneys as a backup heating system. The HVAC industry now has alternatives, but having the vertical empty setup manually installed may be your preference. If you want a chimney for your property—whether old or new—we can assist you with the design and construction. The EvereGreen Chimney Sweep & Repair team is adept with efficient and danger-free construction methods. Our technicians are experienced but also constantly trained to provide you with the most satisfactory results at a usual yet foolproof speed.

About Us

EvereGreen Chimney & Sweep is a local chimney solutions provider in Seattle, Washington. Our responsibility is assisting homeowners install, inspect, repair and maintain their smoke escapes. We make sure their fireplaces or freestanding stoves are in perfect working condition, safe to use and clean enough to not pose any health risks.

Dysfunctional fireplaces and clogged chimneys can harbinger home fires and other carbon monoxide-related incidents, including household airborne poisoning. Your best defence against such a mishap is installing your chimney the right way and regularly maintaining it. But since chimney sweeping and repair isn’t exactly something anyone can DIY, hiring a professional agency that specializes in such work is vital. 

EvereGreen Chimney & Sweep started several years ago to make it a lot safer to have a chimney on your property. We remain committed to making it easy for you to access expert chimney-focused technicians, all of which are trained, licensed and insured to offer you their custom-tailored solutions. Our truck fleet ply all Seattle areas in an effort to reverse fire outbreak stats.

All our chimney-sweep service and restoration technicians, not just some, are Nationally Certified by CSIA (the Chimney Safety Institute of America).  We are members of NCSG (the National Chimney Sweep Guild), and keep current with the NFPA (the National Fire Protection Association) and IRC (International Residential Code) requirements for your safety.

Why Choose Us?

Of course, we aren’t monopolists in the chimney niche of Seattle. The competition may be substantial but we stand out from the crowd in different ways.

No Risks

Probably the most sought-after attribute of craftsmen on the real estate turf, a team of fully and individually insured workers is a way to guarantee that working with us doesn’t cost you more than our fees. All our technicians are fully indemnified so you’re not liable for any accidents or destruction that may occur while we work on your chimney. Although, our clearcut caution is sufficient to snuff out the risks.

Affordable Pricing

Setting up fireplaces and cleaning out those combustion vents are great investments. But you may be concerned that awarding us the job might create a chasm in your bank account. Short correction: it doesn’t. Our clients come back to us every year because our services are affordable, unquestionably one of the lowest in the market.

Local Service

EvereGreen Chimney Sweep & Repairs serves only clients in Seattle and the environs. Keeping things this local every single day is the one way we continuously understand the major and minor housing patterns in this part of Washington. With this knowledge and that of every nook and cranny of the Emerald City, we can bring our Seattle-centric A-Game right to your doorknob.

Advanced Equipment

Lastly, to deliver superior chimney services, our team is sufficiently geared for every job. We come with a truck of full top-quality and well-kept vacuum machines, brushes, creosote removers, canvas drop cloths, helmets, full-face respirators, power sweeping systems, and camera-attached inspection tools.

Contact Us

Whatever you need, there’s something in our arsenal that helps us provide it faster, better, and inexpensively. We want to hear your questions and needs about smokey fall-wallers. You can reach us at (206) 385-1380 or mail your requests to [email protected]. For now, we eagerly await your call while improving our offers.